Wat maakt een gravel schoen goed?

Wat maakt een gravel schoen goed?

Purpose building Footwear to Explore Beyond

Our Shimano RX shoes are made for those who enjoy asphalt as gravel. Those hours pop through unknown territory and are not dirty from a portion of hike-in-bike in time. The RX8 was the world's first special clay race shoe and thus set a new standard. Shortly thereafter our other gravel shoes followed. Each with their unique properties, but in the base cut from the same wood.

Carbon sole with small studs

On gravel it is all about continuing, regardless of your speed. That is why the RX series offers the ideal mix of Shimano's very best racing and MTB shoes. Stiff carbon soles provide excellent power transfer and thanks to the smartly placed studs, the shoe weighs little and you can always look up the adventure with it.

Dynalast for comfort, stability and speed

The basis of Shimano's collection of gravel shoes is a patented reading, the sturdy covering shape to which the rest of the shoe is formed. Dynalast is a specially designed toe suspension that reduces the tension throughout the foot. This way you can kick more smoothly and transfer more efficient power. This especially dynamic read remains extremely comfortable with maximum power transfer, no matter how stiff the sole is. This technology is perfectly tailored to the WorldTour and offers maximum comfort and efficiency on gravel.

SPD systematically designed for maximum trust and connection

Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) was the world's first clipleless off -road pedal system. The design has been on top on gravel for more than 30 years, in mountain biking and cyclocross. Shimano gravel shoes are constructed with SPD pedals as a system to transfer more power from body to bicycle. This is due to the stable and reliable starting and adjustability. The materials and the design also went with their time. The newest pedal shoe combos have a lower stack height, drain mud better and you can click them out under different corners.

Current upper part for the ultimate fit and comfort

The flexible but durable side and upper sides of Shimano gravel shoes cover the entire foot with a seamless piece of artificial leather. This ensures an even fit with even less open parts and pressure points between shoes and feet. This promotes blood circulation and fitting comfort for a wider Scala feet, especially with the advanced boa lace systems that Shimano gravel shoes have.

RX801 - For long races and fast journeys

• 10/11 stiffness
• Carbon composite sole
• studs with excellent grip

The world's first special clay race shoe sets the tone for even the most demanding clay drivers and racers. The combination of a super light construction with stiff carbon sole and protection in places where it is needed ensures a reliable and super fast shoe with which you travel over difficult terrain at record pace. The BOA LI2 system with 'Dual-Direction Adjustment' fits in seamlessly with the patented Surround Upper so that you are assured of perfect support and great fit with fewer pressure points

RX801R - Speed ​​and stability on any terrain

• 10/11 stiffness
• Sole of carbon composite with
• studs with excellent grip
• Knitted single manchet

The RX8 rally edition protects and supports your feet on the most difficult days. Regardless of the weather, regardless of the surface. The knitted ankle cuff fills the space between the foot and shoe, and keeps water, dust and sand outside. This provides unsurpassed protection and comfort. With the Low-Profile BOA LI2 buttons you make small adjustments while you cycle so that the shoe perfectly connects to surround-above part of artificial leather. The RX8R is basically the same as the RX8 race shoe, but with a little extra protection for epic adventures.

RX6 - Endless support and Comfort

• 8/11 off-road stiffness
• Sole strengthened with carbon
• TPU-Noppen with excellent grip

The RX6 is derived from the technology that makes the RX8 the very best gravel race shoes. They are stiff, comfortable and you can walk on it. You can handle it on all sorts of surfaces. The similar carbon sole ensures excellent power transfer, also thanks to the light outsole and smartly placed studs. With the BOA L6K button you can adjust the surround-input exactly in such a way that it fits you perfectly. This shoe is ready for every adventure at any speed.