Protect our playground

Protect our playground

Respecting the planet is essential to preserving the heart of our purpose to bring people closer to nature, and to each other. We have a social and environmental responsibility to do more to continually improve the earth we share and the communities we live in — for today and for generations to come.


Give your old shoes a second life and help us protect our playground. Drop them off at a selected Shimano bike shop and we'll recycle and turn them into sustainable shop materials like floors, benches and shelves.

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For us at Shimano, the earth is our riding partner. Whether you're ascending steadily up a mountain or racing down–turning the trees at your side into green oceans. Riding along a city park or out for a gravel meetup on a slow Sunday. Take a minute, rest your bike against a tree and take the world in.  

We are working with Treedom to make sure we do our part to keep the world a great place to explore and enjoy. Supporting reforestation projects all around the world–with Shimano forests in Madagascar and Guatemala.  

Treedom helps us support agroforestry initiatives, and projects aimed at improving biodiversity for a healthier soil. It's about maximum effort to Protect our Playgrounds. To ensure that fresh breath of air in the morning for generations of riders to come. There's a peloton of trees around you. And it's growing strong.