Marco Anileiros Cycling Transition

Marco Anileiros Cycling Transition

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My bike adventure started when I first bought a mountain bike 14 years ago. Over the years I expanded my adventure on two wheels by adding a racing bike to my collection and recently I also fell in love with the world of gravel.

For me, cycling is a big adventure, I would not want to limit it to just one style or discipline. There are so many different directions to discover, why should I only choose one?

By exploring many areas and adjusting my driving style and technology to the surface on which I drive, I have become a very versatile cyclist. It gives me a sense of freedom not to limit myself to asphalt or unpaved roads.

Because I come from Portugal and have a very versatile driving style, I can enjoy all the beauty that we have to offer in this country and beyond. For me, the possibility is to cycle on different types of surfaces for my pleasure in and love for cycling.