REVO: De ge-upcyclede  fietsbroek om mee te schredden!

REVO: De ge-upcyclede fietsbroek om mee te schredden!

We are convinced that cycling makes people more aware anyway, but these times require more than that, they ask for action. Every day we look at how we can have a more sustainable, positive impact. We have therefore entered into a collaboration for the renewed Revo MTB bike pants [with airpaq] to upcyclate airbag materials and waste from the car industry.

Why airbags and car materials? Well, because of course they are very sturdy. The materials that we have selected are still very strong even if they are discarded. They form the water -repellent, extremely resistant and durable material that we use to strengthen our comfortable Revo cycling pants. Perfectly suited for pants that should be able to take a beating in the city jungle or on the trails.

The Revo is available in specific women's and men's models and consists of a mix of various recycled (woven) materials that have been developed for specific parts of these short cycling pants. Some of these are more flexible, while others have been selected because they are fantastic. Taken together, this yields cycling shorts that consists of two layers: a smooth and flexible inner layer and a durable outer layer. He also offers your waterproof bags with a zipper, a high -quality tornant chamois and an adjustable pants band. All in all, the Revo is a fantastic way to protect our playground by the reuse of materials that still have a lot of life.